Thursday, April 3, 2008

Samples of NGC

Nevada Gold Crew rippin the low snow gems

Above are some samples of the Nevada skiing we have done recently.

1. The Vine with some nice arcs (compliments Blake and Dan)
2. Blake, Peterson 2006
3. Dan, The Vine (Peavine) 2006
4. Dan icy lip slash on The Petersons 2008
5. Elliott riding The Vine in a whiteout 2008
6. Dan at the top of The Vine 2008
7. (Blake helmet cam Peterson 2008)


snowrider1034 said...

cant wait to see the pics from the desatoyas.

Smile552 said...

Nice job boys, I'm proud!!

ishred420 said...

looking good dude.some pretty nice shots. i wait to see some more

abumy said...

Right on guys! I bet you can't wait until next winter and more desatoyas. That is some beautiful country.