Sunday, April 6, 2008

Desatoyas Little Den "Bushwack" 4-5-08

We started out from Reno before 5am and reached the Desatoyas just after sunrise.
The last few months have been horrible for the snowpack in northern Nevada and the Sierra so it was expected that the conditions would be less than ideal. Since the lines we initially had in mind had been nearly completely melted out, we were forced to look for only north aspects. The southern end of near Little Den and Bald Mountain looked to be the only areas we were unlikely to get skunked. Although the snow was getting extremely thin, our desert ski mountaineering experience has shown that spring conditions are ideal. An area that looks like a nice powder face is likely rocks covered by thin snow. For this reason spring conditions make it less guesswork to choose a line. If it's white, you can ride it!
We rode some white.
Our line is on the right side and is not visible from this angle.

Looking down our couloir
Dan rippin it!

Me looking down on the line.

Nevada Gold Crew out getting first descents!


Anonymous said...

Sorry boys rode the Destaoyas back in the early '90s :)

snorider14 said...

Easy to say without any proof. I find it incredibly unlikely that you rode the exact same line that we did. We are not claiming first descents of the entire mountain range, only the line we rode. If you do have any photos or video I would be stoked to see it! In the meantime you can see proof of our antics here: